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You’re an independent restaurant owner and proud to not be part of a large national chain. You love to share your passion for food, and thrive by giving diners a great experience. Read more…

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Living the dream of taking your secret recipe and turning it into a full-time business? Everyone you know says your product is the best out there, and you’re on a mission to turn your deeply rooted passion into a best-selling artisan product. Read more…

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You left Cubicle Nation to be your own boss and do the work you love. Now you’re following your own passions, serving others and enjoying the ride. So why aren’t you feeling the rush? Read more…

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  • napo seattle logo

    Speaker – National Organization of Professional Organizers (NAPO) March 1

    Online Marketing and Conversion Turn your contacts into contracts! Getting people to your social media pages is not enough. As you allocate part of your daily marketing time to being visible on social media, you expect results. How can you convert your valuable online marketing time into real leads and actual customers? During this presentation, you […]

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  • ewomennetwork-squarelogo-1431606634594

    Speaker – eWomenNetwork Snohomish County March 1

    Stop Collecting and Start Connecting – Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn! Leverage Existing Relationships to Increase Your Revenue Do you have a LinkedIn account but rarely use it? Have you accepted connection requests and then done nothing more? Discover how to leverage your unique experience and existing relationships to increase your revenue, and powerfully market […]

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  • FBseefirst

    Facebook News Feed – Have it Your Way!

    Have you ever wished you could customize who and what you see at the top of your News Feed when you log into Facebook? Well it’s your lucky day, because that dream just became a reality. Facebook announced changes last week including “See First” which allows you to move posts from select people and pages right to […]

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