The soy caramel sauce steals the show


And as we begin, a word from the real chef…

“Let me be frank: this dish is all about the soy caramel…the black cod is merely a delicious platform on which the sauce sits. The bok choy and cabbage are vegetal intermissions. When the house lights dim, the soy caramel upstages them all.”

And today’s post on Roasted Black Cod with Boy Choy and Soy Caramel Sauce (pg 137) could be complete simply with that introduction from Becky.  There’s fish. There’s veggies. But then there’s SOY CARAMEL – ta da! This indescribable and delectable sauce truly steals the show, and I defy you to not lick the bowl clean before you are finished.

This is the easiest Black Cod dish in the chapter, requiring no more than a quick pileup of some veggies on a baking sheet, with a later appearance by the cod fillet. Once the pretty little parcels have roasted a bit, you plate them up and drizzle (or pour liberally!)

with the most luscious soy caramel sauce, at once sweet, salty, tangy, rich and utterly unforgettable.  I can still taste the luxurious, creamy caramel days later as I write this – as Becky said, it’s the undeniable star of a smashing dish.

This a very filling dish, probably the most hearty I’ve found in the 20 or so recipes I’ve tried from Good Fish so far. Not only are the fish and sauce very rich, but a large serving of veggies along with the suggested side dish of rice will make you fat and happy for the evening. A bright, dry Oregon pinot gris pairs well with the entire cast – you are going to be giving this one a standing ovation, no doubt!

Note: The diva Soy Caramel Sauce will be making an encore in a crab dish later in this season’s run of Good Fish…stay tuned!

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  1. Diane Easley says:

    Seems like a winner. What a great idea and YES, a bowl full of soy caramel sauce sounds incredibly yummy (and lickable)!

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