Fishing for a new Sunday dinner tradition?


Are you one of those families that had a traditional Sunday dinner, such as a roasted whole chicken or pot roast?  There were always great veggies and gravy and…fill in the blank for your particular family favorites.

But have you ever thought of a Sunday dinner that featured a beautiful fish, providing a lighter, healthier, perhaps tastier dish for everyone?  I hadn’t either, until I made Pan-Fried Trout with Dilly Beans (pg 154).

This recipe features minimal “active” time, meaning most of your effort will be waiting around for the veggies to roast and the beans to pickle and the wine to be drunk – a sauvignon blanc or Chablis works perfectly here.

I purchased a whole trout fresh from Pike Place Market (yes, I braved a tourist weekend there!!), and bought the green beans, fingerling potatoes and carrots from a nearby vendor.  Fresh market ingredients for a sunny Sunday dinner on the patio – perfect!

Make the Dilly Beans first – a five-minute pickly mixture to boil, then poured over beans and left alone to get all nice and tangy.  The veggies roast about a half an hour, and while they rest a moment, the trout fillets brown up nicely in about 4-5 minutes. The final touch is a lovely butter/lemon/coriander sauce that soaks up all the yummy bits in the fry pan and garnishes the trout.

It’s an incredibly colorful feast, with lemony-thyme veggies, nutty browned trout fillets and zippy green beans to wake up your taste buds, if they dare slip into an early Sunday evening nap.  Which could happen, depending on how much wine you enjoyed while the veggies roasted…uh huh, I’m looking at you, sister dear!

So tell me – what were your favorite Sunday dinner traditions when you were growing up? How have they changed now, as an adult? Do people even “do” Sunday dinners anymore??

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  1. Betsy Talbot says:

    My mom is a great cook, and we typically had roast or chicken for lunch on Sundays along with plenty of veggies from the garden. My favorite part was mashed potatoes and still is. We lived in the dessert with no easy access to fresh fish, so we didn’t eat any growing up. Now I love fish and would absolutely make this (though a friend who grew up in a fishing village told me yesterday that is exactly why he doesn’t like fish and prefers pork – we all want what we didn’t have as kids).

    Mom also made a dessert – usually a cake – and after all that food we all took Sunday afternoon naps, too. :)

  2. As a kid we’d go to my grandmother’s house. She’d usually make a beef roast with potatoes, creamed corn, homemade bread and iceburg salad as sides. Getting fresh fish was strictly a summertime thing for us (we were in Michigan so we were at the mercy of lakes. Not as many choices as we have here on the coast.)

    • Karen Rosenzweig says:

      Sounds very similar to my Grandma’s dinner – but no homemade anything :) They were strictly meat and potatoes meals, maybe Iceburg salad, and definitely pie and/or ice cream afterwards!

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