Jamaica your friends happy with this healthy salmon feast


Pot, liquor and jerk – not typically words you’d find in your average recipe…but these three words are in one of the healthiest, prettiest recipes I’ve cooked in awhile!

Jerk-Spiced Salmon with Coconut Pot Liquor and Sweet Potato Fries (pg 109) is a very complete and filling dish, and very good for you too! Sweet potatoes, leafy kale, black beans and wild salmon are all high on the super foods rankings, and they come together to make an unusual but flavorful dish.

I love Becky’s emphasis throughout Good Fish on making your own spice rubs, because they are incredibly aromatic and taste sooooo much better than any bottled product you might have stashed way back in that little cupboard next to your stove.  The jerk-spice (no sugar added, like most Jamaican jerk spice) added a great punch to the silky smooth salmon, which got a quick sear and then oven finish.

While the salmon took a little rest, the fresh-cut sweet potato fries baked with a light dusting of the spice rub, and I set out to conjure up some greens!  The combination of kale, canned black beans, apple cider vinegar and coconut milk (I know, very interesting!!), cooked down slowly together into a rich, earthy mixture that was surprisingly delicious.  The lime that was intended as a simple garnish ended up doing major duty, as I felt the dish needed a little acidic wake-up call, and it completed the multi-facted meal very nicely.

The other punch of acidity and crispness came from the suggested wine pairing of a California viognier, as its fruitiness offset the spice and richness of the dish extremely well.  I also was quite proud of my ability to nearly match the book’s pretty plating of this dish – it is a visual treat in addition to a delicious backyard meal that will definitely impress your diners.

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  1. Jeremy Selengut says:

    Oh, and after talking to Becky before first making this dish, she convinced me to throw out my old, tired powdered allspice and find some whole allspice berries (berries? who knew?). I found I could buy them in very small quantities by weight at the local organic market. Wow! what a flavor boost.

    • Karen Rosenzweig says:

      Yes, I’m having the same spice “revelation” and love buying fresh, small quantities – totally enhances the flavor. I might even get bold enough to toss the whole cupboard-full of jarred/canned spices and start all over with fresh only! :)

  2. Jeremy Selengut says:

    I made too much of this one night (fewer people showed up for dinner) and found that cold leftovers of this dish make a wonderful sandwich – just layer on the kale, salmon and frites on a roll. My eleven-year-old summer camper was the envy of his group at lunchtime. This is the one that now goes, “Yaay, kale!” when he hears I’m making this dish.

    • Karen Rosenzweig says:

      wow, that’s real progress to get an 11 year old to “want” kale! And I love your taco leftover idea – I did that with some albacore and it was fantastic

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