Pseudo-Southern scallop dish delivers


Hey y’all, I have found the perfect recipe to make when my southerner uncle and cousin come to visit in August, combining fresh West Coast seafood with some of their Atlanta culinary favs – it shall be Scallops, Grits and Greens!

This recipe (pg 86) is not only a play on shrimp and grits, but a sweet improvement.  I’ve heard a rumor that my Uncle John wants a cooking lesson during his summer trip, so this #2 difficulty recipe (on scale of 5) should be right up his alley.  In addition, the availability of frozen scallops (in stores or online ordering) should make it easy for him to replicate this dish back home, and I’ll be sure to warn him to get “dry packed” scallops (no STP).

For those that think you’ve never had grits, think again.  They are very similar to polenta, although Mr. Expert Alton Brown says the difference is the liquid used, the method used, and the flavors you add…otherwise, same dish! My uncle used to make them for us kids on their family visits back here each year, and we initially ran screaming, afraid to try the crazy southern “slop”!  But we learned to love them, and the grits in this dish get a nice flavor bump from grated cheddar cheese and a bit of orange zest, which really perks up the palate.

The combination of stewed kale and mustard greens was a tad bitter for me, even with extra honey added, but I’m betting you could try this with other, sweeter varieties of greens, if you like.  After searing off the scallops, which I am now a professional at performing (!), the dish is plated up with a ladle of grits, topped by a helping of greens and a couple scallops.  It’s a hearty, but not too heavy, dish that is sweet, creamy, cheesy home cooking.  Becky says you “must” drink Red Stripe Jamaican lager with this dish, and we always do what Becky says, and it was a crisp, refreshing complement to this pseudo Southern scallop treat.

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  1. Robyn Rosenzweig says:

    Oh it sounds fabulous, but let me tell ya ’bout yer Unca John……he does not care for cooked greens of any kind. Mustard, collards, turnip greens….nada. However, would it work with spinach??? Would the flavor of cooked spinach alter the dish in any way? Now what I will tell you is this…if you prepare it with greens and we don’t tell him, then ask him what he thinks after he tastes it, THEN tell him what’s in it, he may be fine. Let’s go with that!! :)

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