At last…my arctic char has come along


I had given up on finding any Arctic Char locally before the end of this project, but a mere week away from the finish line, there it was!

I will say that I had to endure a parking ticket (dumb mistake on my part) and another Three Stooges conversation with a fishmonger (“what do you mean, where is the fish from? it’s from the Arctic, that’s why they call it Arctic Char”), but I found the holy Char grail.  Thanks for University Seafood and Poultry for finally allowing me to find this little pot of gold at the end of my summer rainbow – it won’t be the last time I enjoy this delicious treat by any means.

Char with Roasted Cauliflower and Apple-Vanilla Vinaigrette (pg 187) is a wonderfully delicious dish for those that love cauliflower and the mix of fruitiness with your fish – however, if you’ve been following along all summer, you know those are not two of my favorite things.

You would swear this is salmon...

Yet, I was absolutely smitten with the fatty, rich, sexy taste of the char – where have you been all my life (or at least, summer?)  You could easily close your eyes and be positive you were enjoying a lovely salmon fillet and the flesh color is even a pretty peachy salmon-like color.  Once I sampled all the elements of the dish together, I pushed them aside in favor of devouring the char itself and I’m quite sure I could have eaten all four servings if I had let myself! :)

Do I look better plated skin up...

I did enjoy the cauliflower puree – think “mashed potatoes” – that serves as the base of the dish, and the apple-vanilla vinaigrette was delicious too, but I was focused on the fish and didn’t want the fruity taste bothering me, ha ha!  I do think the vinaigrette, with little specks of fresh vanilla bean floating happily, was a revelation and will be enjoyed again, in other dishes.  Katy, the primarily-vegetarian, loved the roasted cauliflower-apple-red onion mixture, so I gladly let her have my share.  We are a great team…

The wine pairing was a Pinot Gris, and the crisp acidity and slight fruitiness were a nice balance to the earthy taste of the dish.  But I really couldn’t focus on much of anything else once I tasted the char – it has stolen the heart of my tastebuds (is that even possible??)

...or skin down?

As you know, I had been substituting trout for the other arctic char dishes in Good Fish, but now that I’ve had the real McChar, those days are over. Just like Beyonce totally rocked her version of “At Last” for the Obamas, we all know there is only one REAL version of that song, right Etta James?

Yes, at last…my arctic char has come along – and no, I did not just call Beyonce a trout! :)

NEXT UP: The Hot-lanta relatives are in town, ready to sample three raw seafood dishes, all in one lovely evening – buckle up!

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  1. Leann Groby says:

    What is artic char? Is it good? Is it a white fish similar to halibut?

    • Karen Rosenzweig says:

      you did read the post, right?? :)
      It is a peachy color, tastes very similar to salmon, and absolutely it is fantastic!

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