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I have a hunger for guiding your restaurant or food-related company into delicious increased business and visibility, so you can earn “talk of the town” status.

If you are looking for a professional foodie who can attract hungry new customers, produce satisfied repeat clients and fuel that all important “buzz” around town, you’ve come to the right place – One Smart Cookie Marketing! With a blend of six years of feeding happy clients as a personal chef, and 15 years of creative public relations experience, my commitment is to cook up a successful social media strategy for you.

My path to become a “foodie” came at about age 10, when no one else in my home had the interest or skill to cook dinner! After many rounds of experimenting, I entered my first recipe contest when I was 12 – and even though I didn‘t win, I knew I had found my passion.  As I grew older and became the unofficial chef for all my friends, it didn’t take long to figure out why everyone always wanted to have the parties at my house – “Karen will cook! “

The icing on the cake came in 2002, in the midst of yet another Food Network marathon session, along with the nagging thought of “I wish I could get paid for this!” Within about two years, I left my corporate public relations cocoon and launched “The Incredible Chef”, a personal chef service – and was getting paid to “do research” by watching food shows on TV!  Also, as an entrepreneur, I quickly learned the secret ingredients of word-of-mouth marketing and honing my message by participating in organizations such as Business Network International (BNI) and eWomen Network.  Not only did those skills fuel my personal chef business but they were important appetizers for the next course of my career.

Life as a personal chef is fulfilling, for sure – but there was a hunger for something more.  And along came Twitter!  My fascination with following food bloggers, restaurants, food critics, journalists and related professionals turned into an obsession, and it was clear that social media was the next step in my life recipe.  The nagging thought was back – “I wish I could get paid for this!” – and so a new career path was launched!

My passion for total immersion in social media is now translated by creating successful strategies for you, the restaurant owner, so you can assure your customers live well by dining well, with you.

Cheers and Bon Appétit!



Karen Rosenzweig is a social media consultant/trainer and owner of One Smart Cookie Marketing.  She has helped dozens of restaurants, food companies, and entrepreneurs increase their customer base and gain visibility through Twitter, Facebook, blogging and other social media tools.

An entrepreneur who operated her own successful personal chef business (The Incredible Chef) for 6 years and enjoyed 15 years in corporate and sports marketing/PR, she creates powerful strategies to blend online and offline marketing activities for businesses. Karen has a particular passion and expertise in working with restaurants and food-related businesses, and has married her two primary loves – food and marketing – into one very smart business!


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