Albacore + ratatouille = summer on a plate


Share Tweet The secret of a good ratatouille is to cook the vegetables separately so each will taste truly of itself. —Joël Robuchon, The Complete Robuchon You might have made ratatouille in the past, but if you baked it or stewed it, you missed out on the fresh taste of summer – which is the exact point [...]

A heavenly cocktail on a cracker


Share Tweet One of the greatest things about cooking through Becky’s Good Fish book is that it causes me to stop and think more about how certain foods are created, and the variety of ways they can be enjoyed. For example, I never really gave much thought to how crackers were made – have you? [...]

Fresh albacore tuna is worth the wait


Share Tweet It was like something from Abbott and Costello… “Hi! Where is the albacore tuna from?” “Local” “I know, but where was it caught?” “It’s Local” “So like Pacific Coast or Hawaii or ??” “Like I said, Local” OMG, I’m going to stick a fork in my eye if the fishmonger doesn’t give me [...]

Albacore parcels are the new tin foil dinner

On the foil, ready for wrapping!

Share Tweet When I lived in the Bay Area, one of the staples of our frequent summer camping trips was the “tin foil dinner.” And with all due respect to the revered S’Mores, they might be the best camping food ever. It was incredibly simple – dump lots of ingredients such as ground beef, mushrooms, [...]

A tale of two salads – which one are you??

This is how a Nicoise Salad is "supposed" to look, right??

Share Tweet I took Becky’s headnote to Albacore Nicoise (pg 164) as a challenge: “It is a composed salad, meaning a dish where you can show your guests your personality type. Anal types will place each ingredient in efficient, color-coordinated piles, most likely not touching each other. Laissez-faire types will have everything piled randomly on [...]

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