Don’t be frizzled by a dish’s photo – just cook it!


Share Tweet After writing 71 posts about Becky’s fabulous creations in the Good Fish book, it’s hard to keep coming up with creative new ways to describe these dishes.  Yes, I’m tired… So for today’s Black Cod with Toasted Almond Milk, Delicata Squash and Frizzled Leeks (pg 141), I’ve decided to let the master herself [...]

A black cod beauty from the mentor


Share Tweet One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle is Poppy, so I was excited to see that owner/Chef Jerry Traunfeld gave in to Becky’s “begging” to contribute a recipe to Good Fish.   After all, he has had significant influence on Becky as a chef, including their three years together at The Herbfarm, and [...]

I can’t believe it’s not eel!


Share Tweet Today you are in for a treat – a sustainable spin on sushi that is even more delicious than the original, and you can make it easily at home! And I’ll dare to say – faux-nagi is better than r-eel sushi, faux-sure! Becky adapted this recipe (slightly, she says) from Tataki in San [...]

The soy caramel sauce steals the show


Share Tweet And as we begin, a word from the real chef… “Let me be frank: this dish is all about the soy caramel…the black cod is merely a delicious platform on which the sauce sits. The bok choy and cabbage are vegetal intermissions. When the house lights dim, the soy caramel upstages them all.” [...]

Fresh fish find in beautiful Ballard


Share Tweet Every now and then you stumble across a small business that has no website, no email and doesn’t do social media. And if you’re like me, you wonder “how the hell do you expect anyone to find you?” And I don’t even recall how I stumbled upon The Fresh Fish Co. in Ballard, [...]

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