Oyster slurping pleasure worth shucking pain


Share Tweet If I told you I sustained an oyster shucking injury, you probably would assume I stabbed myself with the oyster knife, or cut a finger, or some other edgy injury.  But you would be wrong… As you know from my last post, I decided to make a trio of seafood delights from Good [...]

Saturday night’s all right for babysitting and baking

"Don't even think about licking my plate!"

Share Tweet Some things are just plain odd – like making a Thanksgiving stuffing in August, or being asked to babysit your 1-year-old nephew when you have no experience doing such a thing!  And even odder is when the two collide in some weird parallel universe…like last Saturday night. My sister wanted to go to [...]

Strike it rich with the Hangtown Fry


Share Tweet As a former resident of the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly two decades, I have had my share of the rich breakfast dish known as the Hangtown Fry. The creamy concoction of oysters, bacon and eggs was created in the Gold Rush days in Northern California – but Becky’s version (pg 39) [...]

Oysters and Artichokes – yay or nay?


Share Tweet My guess is that you will be in one of two camps about today’s recipe, love it or leave it.  That’s because Oyster and Artichoke Soup (pg 37) is an intriguing combination of very distinct flavors that will likely thrill you or chill you. The easiest of the five recipes in the chapter, [...]

No sufferin’ in this succotash


Share Tweet Boy howdy, did I like this recipe! Jet’s Oyster Succotash (page 43) was exactly as billed – buttery, sweet, herbal and smoky-salty. It’s the perfect side dish, or if you’re like me, you’ll eat so much you might as well call it an entree. Even though it was a #3 recipe (intermediate), the [...]

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