Mis en place so you don’t miss le partay


Share Tweet Today’s recipe really highlights the importance of “mise en place” which is simply having all your ingredients prepped before you begin cooking.  This is especially important if you are having guests for dinner and expect to actually visit with them instead of slaving over a hot wok! The prep and assembly of ingredients [...]

The slippery slope of stuffing squid


Share Tweet Before embarking on this project, I had never really thought about squid having a body. Of course it’s obvious they do have one, but mostly I had eaten squid in a nicely presented, cut up fashion such as fried calamari rings and tentacles. But today’s recipe Chorizo and Apple Stuffed Squid with Sherry [...]

This squid needs no heroic culinary intervention


Share Tweet I feel kind of cheated about the squid I’ve been served over the years, most of it arriving in a deep fried, sometimes greasy, but sometimes nicely seasoned and battered calamari form.  I had no idea how amazing the taste of pure, unadulterated squid was, and that it didn’t have be rubbery and [...]

The easiest recipe in Good Fish – you can do it!


Share Tweet If you’ve been waiting for the easiest recipe in Good Fish, today’s your day!  Yup, if you are a novice cook or just a little unsure about cooking fish and seafood, this is your gateway drug – I mean recipe… As billed by Chef Becky Selengut, the Quick Squid with Red Chile Sauce [...]

No deep fryer for this succulent squid


Share Tweet If your experience with squid has been limited to the deep fried calamari variety, you are in for a treat with today’s recipe! I admit I haven’t sampled many squid dishes that weren’t fried and I was anxious to see what flavors a different preparation might reveal.  I chose the Squid with Chickpeas, [...]

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