Rules of Engagement



  • Karen Rosenzweig, former personal chef, current social media consultant, longtime food enthusiast and consumer :)


  • Cook all 75 recipes in the “Good Fish” sustainable seafood book by Becky Selengut


  • Begin Memorial Day, 2011 and finish by Labor Day, 2011 (97 days)


  • Home kitchen in Edmonds, WA – although cooking elsewhere on road trips, parties, camping trips and home invasions are acceptable locations as well


  • I’ve always wanted to cook every recipe in a cookbook
  • I’ve slacked off on my cooking skills since retiring as a personal chef in March 2010 and want to get back that love of cooking every day
  • I know the author personally and she is local and accessible and very cool – important for when I get stuck and need advice!
  • It’s the first cookbook I’ve ever wanted to cook every recipe, and felt I could actually accomplish that
  • I’m on a mission to eat healthier and more sustainably
  • Summer is seafood/fish season in Seattle, so easy to procure
  • Seattle/Pacific Northwest one of best places in nation to get sustainable seafood
  • The discipline of blogging about the project every day, structure, routine, process
  • I love to photograph food, and pictures will be great addition to each post
  • Because I can

HOW (goals)

  • Cook each recipe as created, with as few substitutions/changes as possible
  • Affirm the level of expertise required for each recipe in each chapter (Becky has them rated 1=beginner, 5= advanced)
  • Share the costs of preparing each dish and where fish/seafood is procured
  • Share insights about what I loved, liked, learned, etc with each recipe
  • Share the experience with a variety of friends and family, and relay their feedback
Copyright 2011 Karen Rosenzweig