A fillet o’ fish and a frying pan


Share Tweet Count me among the lazy cooks who would prefer to buy a beautiful cleaned, filleted, ready-to-cook piece of fish.  I never really saw any reason to know how to fillet a whole fish – that’s for those crazy people that get up at 0-dark-thirty and go fishing out in the middle of nowhere. [...]

A tale of two salads – which one are you??

This is how a Nicoise Salad is "supposed" to look, right??

Share Tweet I took Becky’s headnote to Albacore Nicoise (pg 164) as a challenge: “It is a composed salad, meaning a dish where you can show your guests your personality type. Anal types will place each ingredient in efficient, color-coordinated piles, most likely not touching each other. Laissez-faire types will have everything piled randomly on [...]

The soy caramel sauce steals the show


Share Tweet And as we begin, a word from the real chef… “Let me be frank: this dish is all about the soy caramel…the black cod is merely a delicious platform on which the sauce sits. The bok choy and cabbage are vegetal intermissions. When the house lights dim, the soy caramel upstages them all.” [...]

Oysters and Artichokes – yay or nay?


Share Tweet My guess is that you will be in one of two camps about today’s recipe, love it or leave it.  That’s because Oyster and Artichoke Soup (pg 37) is an intriguing combination of very distinct flavors that will likely thrill you or chill you. The easiest of the five recipes in the chapter, [...]

The easiest recipe in Good Fish – you can do it!


Share Tweet If you’ve been waiting for the easiest recipe in Good Fish, today’s your day!  Yup, if you are a novice cook or just a little unsure about cooking fish and seafood, this is your gateway drug – I mean recipe… As billed by Chef Becky Selengut, the Quick Squid with Red Chile Sauce [...]

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