¡Yo quiero fresh halibut tacos!


Share Tweet The first time I can remember trying fish tacos was in San Diego in the early 1990s, during my first career as a college sports publicist. I was traveling with the San Jose State basketball team and a colleague took me to a little shack of a restaurant for lunch, and she convinced [...]

Simple Summer Shrimp Salad Satisfies


Share Tweet I think I have discovered “the” salad for the summer – Oregon Pink Shrimp Salad with Mint (pg 68) – light, crisp, packed with flavor and so easy to prepare. This simple salad features the delicious herbs and veggies found in Vietnamese cooking, and the shrimp is really just a minor player and [...]

Mussel your way into a Guinness romance


Share Tweet “It was on this auspicious day that Cream met Guinness, and a romance was born. Guinness elevated Cream into a decadent, malty, richer version of itself, and Cream elevated Guinness by rounding it’s caramel and chocolate edge with a warm white blanket. They lived happily ever after.” One of my favorite things about [...]

Memories that make me happy as a clam

My sister teaching her kids how to dig clams at Birch Bay - big help, huh?

Share Tweet Do you have a certain food that transports you to a “happy place” in your life?  One that brings back the sights, sounds, smells and great feelings of another time and place – and that you forever chase after to re-live those times? I had a flashback to my childhood – in a [...]

Winner Winner, Trout for Dinner


Share Tweet You’re in for a double treat today – a delicious, easy trout dish AND the actual recipe for you to try for yourself! The Cast-Iron Rainbow Trout (pg 151) was a smashing success, and exactly as Becky described in the book – nutty trout, woodsy mushrooms, smoky bacon, piney sage and bright wine.  [...]

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