Serious crab purists have no time to hit the sauce


Share Tweet You’ll recall from my last two posts (here and here) that I entertained my family, including two from Atlanta this week, and prepared three dishes from Good Fish.  The third delicacy of the evening was Newspaper Crab with Three Sauces (pg 53) and Becky touts it as one of her favorites for entertaining [...]

Roasted romaine is ridiculously right


Share Tweet On a warm, beautiful summer night, one of the last things you probably expect to find when you open the lid of your backyard grill is a head of lettuce…am I right?? But then you would be missing a surprisingly delicious treat, as I found out when I assisted Becky when she taught [...]

Mis en place so you don’t miss le partay


Share Tweet Today’s recipe really highlights the importance of “mise en place” which is simply having all your ingredients prepped before you begin cooking.  This is especially important if you are having guests for dinner and expect to actually visit with them instead of slaving over a hot wok! The prep and assembly of ingredients [...]

Pseudo-Southern scallop dish delivers


Share Tweet Hey y’all, I have found the perfect recipe to make when my southerner uncle and cousin come to visit in August, combining fresh West Coast seafood with some of their Atlanta culinary favs – it shall be Scallops, Grits and Greens! This recipe (pg 86) is not only a play on shrimp and [...]

Steaming up a simple salmon supper


Share Tweet There are very few restaurants that truly follow the 100% sustainable seafood route, and we are lucky in Seattle to have one of those special places in Mashiko, owned by the colorful Hajime Sato…colorful as can be with a website called Sushi Whore! Not only was Mashiko the first sushi restaurant in the world [...]

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