And then there were none…the final catch from Good Fish


Share Tweet There were a range of emotions as I prepared to cook the 75th and final recipe of my Good Fish project on Labor Day… Sad, because the project that I’ve poured my heart, soul, time and wallet into for an entire summer, was coming to an end Happy, because I finished every recipe [...]

Albacore parcels are the new tin foil dinner

On the foil, ready for wrapping!

Share Tweet When I lived in the Bay Area, one of the staples of our frequent summer camping trips was the “tin foil dinner.” And with all due respect to the revered S’Mores, they might be the best camping food ever. It was incredibly simple – dump lots of ingredients such as ground beef, mushrooms, [...]

This squid needs no heroic culinary intervention


Share Tweet I feel kind of cheated about the squid I’ve been served over the years, most of it arriving in a deep fried, sometimes greasy, but sometimes nicely seasoned and battered calamari form.  I had no idea how amazing the taste of pure, unadulterated squid was, and that it didn’t have be rubbery and [...]

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