Stick your neck out for a little raw geoduck


Share Tweet I know, you can’t help but giggle when you look at a geoduck (gooey-duck) – I’m pretty sure even my dogs were laughing when they saw what I brought home this week from the fresh seafood tank at Uwajimaya. But Geoduck Crudo with Shiso Oil (pg 13) is no joke – it’s a [...]

Ooh la la, if I can bake brioche, you can too!


Share Tweet I certainly did not expect to learn how to bake brioche when I decided to cook all 75 recipes in Good Fish – would you? And author/chef Becky Selengut doesn’t necessarily require that you tackle the two-day process – in fact she suggests that you could just “purchase some brioche and proceed directly [...]

A heavenly cocktail on a cracker


Share Tweet One of the greatest things about cooking through Becky’s Good Fish book is that it causes me to stop and think more about how certain foods are created, and the variety of ways they can be enjoyed. For example, I never really gave much thought to how crackers were made – have you? [...]

Sharing the roe with book club


Share Tweet As you might imagine, after a month of eating seafood everyday, there are times I have difficulty getting excited to make (and then eat!) a dish. This is especially true when the featured ingredient is one I’m not too familiar with. So with my “foodcentric” book club meeting on the docket last week, [...]

Take pride in serving quinoa cakes for brunch


Share Tweet What I loved about today’s recipe is not only how much fun it was to make, but that it is versatile enough to serve as either an appetizer or a great brunch dish.  And don’t be scared off by the combination of ingredients – the whole is definitely greater than the sum of [...]

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