Selengut’s sexy scallops are sensational


Share Tweet They say good things come to those who wait – and if you waited for the 74th recipe (of 75) I prepared from Good Fish, you are in for a great treat! Scallops with Tarragon Beurre Blanc (pg 93) is more suited for the spring, with its pea/asparagus/herb base, but of course I [...]

Getting crabby about fruit in my seafood


Share Tweet I don’t know why, but I feel slightly guilty whenever I’m not a huge fan of one of Becky’s recipes in Good Fish.  Just considering the odds, there’s bound to be several of the 75 recipes that just won’t be my cup of chowder (so to speak), right?  And I will add that [...]

Clams and croutons – who knew?


Share Tweet I have to hand it to Becky – in the 40+ years I’ve been eating clams, it has never occurred to me to add bread to the equation as brilliantly as she does in Tomato-Bacon Clams with Croutons (pg 11). Wow, of course – croutons! Any good seafood eater knows you simply MUST [...]

Bad Jew Stew


Share Tweet Without the filter of editors and publishers, Becky really wanted to call today’s recipe “Bad Jew Stew” – and since I don’t have either of those monitors, I’m going to let that name ride! Since I know most of you are really curious now, here’s her explanation of what is otherwise known as [...]

Strike it rich with the Hangtown Fry


Share Tweet As a former resident of the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly two decades, I have had my share of the rich breakfast dish known as the Hangtown Fry. The creamy concoction of oysters, bacon and eggs was created in the Gold Rush days in Northern California – but Becky’s version (pg 39) [...]

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