Serious crab purists have no time to hit the sauce


Share Tweet You’ll recall from my last two posts (here and here) that I entertained my family, including two from Atlanta this week, and prepared three dishes from Good Fish.  The third delicacy of the evening was Newspaper Crab with Three Sauces (pg 53) and Becky touts it as one of her favorites for entertaining [...]

Oyster slurping pleasure worth shucking pain


Share Tweet If I told you I sustained an oyster shucking injury, you probably would assume I stabbed myself with the oyster knife, or cut a finger, or some other edgy injury.  But you would be wrong… As you know from my last post, I decided to make a trio of seafood delights from Good [...]

Pseudo-Southern scallop dish delivers


Share Tweet Hey y’all, I have found the perfect recipe to make when my southerner uncle and cousin come to visit in August, combining fresh West Coast seafood with some of their Atlanta culinary favs – it shall be Scallops, Grits and Greens! This recipe (pg 86) is not only a play on shrimp and [...]

¡Yo quiero fresh halibut tacos!


Share Tweet The first time I can remember trying fish tacos was in San Diego in the early 1990s, during my first career as a college sports publicist. I was traveling with the San Jose State basketball team and a colleague took me to a little shack of a restaurant for lunch, and she convinced [...]

Mussel your way into a Guinness romance


Share Tweet “It was on this auspicious day that Cream met Guinness, and a romance was born. Guinness elevated Cream into a decadent, malty, richer version of itself, and Cream elevated Guinness by rounding it’s caramel and chocolate edge with a warm white blanket. They lived happily ever after.” One of my favorite things about [...]

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