Ooh la la, if I can bake brioche, you can too!


Share Tweet I certainly did not expect to learn how to bake brioche when I decided to cook all 75 recipes in Good Fish – would you? And author/chef Becky Selengut doesn’t necessarily require that you tackle the two-day process – in fact she suggests that you could just “purchase some brioche and proceed directly [...]

Saturday night’s all right for babysitting and baking

"Don't even think about licking my plate!"

Share Tweet Some things are just plain odd – like making a Thanksgiving stuffing in August, or being asked to babysit your 1-year-old nephew when you have no experience doing such a thing!  And even odder is when the two collide in some weird parallel universe…like last Saturday night. My sister wanted to go to [...]

Clams and croutons – who knew?


Share Tweet I have to hand it to Becky – in the 40+ years I’ve been eating clams, it has never occurred to me to add bread to the equation as brilliantly as she does in Tomato-Bacon Clams with Croutons (pg 11). Wow, of course – croutons! Any good seafood eater knows you simply MUST [...]

Sardine haters – this one’s for you!


Share Tweet Today’s recipe is definitely a great example of the old saying “the whole is greater than sum of its parts.” Comprised of a variety of humble ingredients – all of which you could find at a gas station, Becky notes! – the White Bean and Sardine Salad with Fried Eggs (pg 197)  is [...]

Soup-er symphony of summer flavors


Share Tweet Quick – what’s the one dish/food you’d take with you to a desert island? Do you pick your favorite food? Or one with lots of variety that you wouldn’t get bored with eating every single day? Or one with lots of nutritional value that would make you feel good – well, as good [...]

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