Albacore parcels are the new tin foil dinner

On the foil, ready for wrapping!

Share Tweet When I lived in the Bay Area, one of the staples of our frequent summer camping trips was the “tin foil dinner.” And with all due respect to the revered S’Mores, they might be the best camping food ever. It was incredibly simple – dump lots of ingredients such as ground beef, mushrooms, [...]

Winner Winner, Trout for Dinner


Share Tweet You’re in for a double treat today – a delicious, easy trout dish AND the actual recipe for you to try for yourself! The Cast-Iron Rainbow Trout (pg 151) was a smashing success, and exactly as Becky described in the book – nutty trout, woodsy mushrooms, smoky bacon, piney sage and bright wine.  [...]

Camping, cast iron and caramelization


Share Tweet Let’s start today’s post with a little math problem. New camping stove + cast iron + butter + diced red onion = X If you guessed X = a freaking burnt mess, you are correct.  And I know this is not at all what Becky intended for Dad’s Sardines on Crackers with Caramelized [...]

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