Four women and a stuffed trout go to a kd lang concert at the zoo…


Share Tweet Oh, there’s so much more fun I could have had with today’s headline, but I’ll leave for that my friends on Twitter/Facebook (hello @MarcSeattle!) But I did have a great time on my first attempt – and a successful one! – at deboning a whole trout for stuffing!  Thanks to Becky’s excellent how-to [...]

Fishing for a new Sunday dinner tradition?


Share Tweet Are you one of those families that had a traditional Sunday dinner, such as a roasted whole chicken or pot roast?  There were always great veggies and gravy and…fill in the blank for your particular family favorites. But have you ever thought of a Sunday dinner that featured a beautiful fish, providing a [...]

Throwing a party, just for the halibut


Share Tweet If you read my previous post, you know I had a party over the weekend, featuring several of the recipes from Good Fish. It was finally time to share the bounty with the masses, and get some feedback! Okay, true confession:  after 6+ weeks of non-stop seafood meals, I was happy to have [...]

Sharing the roe with book club


Share Tweet As you might imagine, after a month of eating seafood everyday, there are times I have difficulty getting excited to make (and then eat!) a dish. This is especially true when the featured ingredient is one I’m not too familiar with. So with my “foodcentric” book club meeting on the docket last week, [...]

The easiest recipe in Good Fish – you can do it!


Share Tweet If you’ve been waiting for the easiest recipe in Good Fish, today’s your day!  Yup, if you are a novice cook or just a little unsure about cooking fish and seafood, this is your gateway drug – I mean recipe… As billed by Chef Becky Selengut, the Quick Squid with Red Chile Sauce [...]

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