A fillet o’ fish and a frying pan


Share Tweet Count me among the lazy cooks who would prefer to buy a beautiful cleaned, filleted, ready-to-cook piece of fish.  I never really saw any reason to know how to fillet a whole fish – that’s for those crazy people that get up at 0-dark-thirty and go fishing out in the middle of nowhere. [...]

Fishing for a new Sunday dinner tradition?


Share Tweet Are you one of those families that had a traditional Sunday dinner, such as a roasted whole chicken or pot roast?  There were always great veggies and gravy and…fill in the blank for your particular family favorites. But have you ever thought of a Sunday dinner that featured a beautiful fish, providing a [...]

Sardine hunt results in sweet success

Finally - fresh sardines!!

Share Tweet If you had told me a couple months ago that I’d be desperately seeking fresh sardines all over town, I would’ve sent you on a long walk off a short dock. But that was before I decided to take on the some-call-me-crazy task of cooking all 75 recipes in my friend Becky Selengut‘s [...]

Winner Winner, Trout for Dinner


Share Tweet You’re in for a double treat today – a delicious, easy trout dish AND the actual recipe for you to try for yourself! The Cast-Iron Rainbow Trout (pg 151) was a smashing success, and exactly as Becky described in the book – nutty trout, woodsy mushrooms, smoky bacon, piney sage and bright wine.  [...]

Camping, cast iron and caramelization


Share Tweet Let’s start today’s post with a little math problem. New camping stove + cast iron + butter + diced red onion = X If you guessed X = a freaking burnt mess, you are correct.  And I know this is not at all what Becky intended for Dad’s Sardines on Crackers with Caramelized [...]

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