Easy as pie for this little tart


Share Tweet There are some foods I really love that I avoid making, because I cannot make them well…isn’t that why we have a thriving restaurant industry?? For example, I absolutely love pie, but making pie crust intimidates the hell out of me.  The very few times I’ve ever tried to make it, were the [...]

Fishing for a new Sunday dinner tradition?


Share Tweet Are you one of those families that had a traditional Sunday dinner, such as a roasted whole chicken or pot roast?  There were always great veggies and gravy and…fill in the blank for your particular family favorites. But have you ever thought of a Sunday dinner that featured a beautiful fish, providing a [...]

These mussels are heaven on a half shell


Share Tweet Just when I thought mussels really weren’t my thing, I discovered Mussels with Pancetta and Vermouth (pg 25).  This is heaven on a little half shell and a must-try the next time you need a snappy little hors d’oeuvre. After steaming the mussels open, you snap off one side of the shell and [...]

How not to poach an egg – but still get great hash


Share Tweet Did you ever do something so dumb that you swore you’d never tell anyone, for fear of dying of embarassment? Okay, so maybe it’s just me…and let me clarify, I meant dumb things in the kitchen! One of the key steps in creating Paddlefish Caviar Hash (pg 226) is poaching a few eggs [...]

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