Don’t be frizzled by a dish’s photo – just cook it!


Share Tweet After writing 71 posts about Becky’s fabulous creations in the Good Fish book, it’s hard to keep coming up with creative new ways to describe these dishes.  Yes, I’m tired… So for today’s Black Cod with Toasted Almond Milk, Delicata Squash and Frizzled Leeks (pg 141), I’ve decided to let the master herself [...]

Bad Jew Stew


Share Tweet Without the filter of editors and publishers, Becky really wanted to call today’s recipe “Bad Jew Stew” – and since I don’t have either of those monitors, I’m going to let that name ride! Since I know most of you are really curious now, here’s her explanation of what is otherwise known as [...]

Wild about Wild Salmon Chowder


Share Tweet If you avoid making chowder because it takes too long, or it’s too fattening, or any other excuse, it’s time to get over it.  Today’s recipe from Good Fish definitely ain’t your grandma’s chowder. Wild Salmon Chowder with Fire-Roasted Tomatoes (pg 104) is the kind of recipe Becky Selengut says she teaches students [...]

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