Jamaica your friends happy with this healthy salmon feast


Share Tweet Pot, liquor and jerk – not typically words you’d find in your average recipe…but these three words are in one of the healthiest, prettiest recipes I’ve cooked in awhile! Jerk-Spiced Salmon with Coconut Pot Liquor and Sweet Potato Fries (pg 109) is a very complete and filling dish, and very good for you [...]

Quick conversion of a non-curry fan


Share Tweet Before taking on my project to cook every recipe in Good Fish, I was not a huge Thai food fan and curry was especially not high on my list.  But chef Becky Selengut is slowly winning me over with her delectable Thai influenced-dishes and today’s recipe has made me a curry convert! Halibut [...]

Blender adventure yields delicious chilled soup


Share Tweet I do not like chilled, creamy soups. Nor do I like raw cucumbers.  Fussy one, I am… Having said that, Becky has totally converted me on both counts with her Chilled Cucumber-Coconut Soup with Dungeness Crab (pg 55).  It’s a medium-level difficulty (#3) but I found it fairly easy to pull together – [...]

Time to try tasty Thai clams


Share Tweet Warning: if you’ve been stuck in a rut with your steamed clams recipes, today’s Tamarind and Ginger Clams recipe might throw you right off your rocker! I must admit that I typically steam clams in some combination of beer, garlic and lemon, and they always turn out great.  But Becky’s Thai-inspired take (pg. [...]

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