A heavenly cocktail on a cracker


Share Tweet One of the greatest things about cooking through Becky’s Good Fish book is that it causes me to stop and think more about how certain foods are created, and the variety of ways they can be enjoyed. For example, I never really gave much thought to how crackers were made – have you? [...]

Tasty trout treat travels well


Share Tweet Regardless of what the weather tells you, it’s summer in Seattle – and time for outdoor concerts, picnics, parties and other fun group events. So if you are on a mission to cook fish every day – like I am! – what can you bring to an event like this? Don’t stress out [...]

Camping, cast iron and caramelization


Share Tweet Let’s start today’s post with a little math problem. New camping stove + cast iron + butter + diced red onion = X If you guessed X = a freaking burnt mess, you are correct.  And I know this is not at all what Becky intended for Dad’s Sardines on Crackers with Caramelized [...]

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