Oyster slurping pleasure worth shucking pain


Share Tweet If I told you I sustained an oyster shucking injury, you probably would assume I stabbed myself with the oyster knife, or cut a finger, or some other edgy injury.  But you would be wrong… As you know from my last post, I decided to make a trio of seafood delights from Good [...]

A black cod beauty from the mentor


Share Tweet One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle is Poppy, so I was excited to see that owner/Chef Jerry Traunfeld gave in to Becky’s “begging” to contribute a recipe to Good Fish.   After all, he has had significant influence on Becky as a chef, including their three years together at The Herbfarm, and [...]

Trout saves the day for missing arctic char


Share Tweet Alright, I finally give up!  I’m waiving the white flag over finding any Arctic Char in the greater Seattle area. In Good Fish, Becky explains that there was a 2009 landslide at one of the largest arctic char farms (Washington’s Cascade Aqua Farms) that affected the availability of local sourced arctic char, but [...]

Does this recipe warrant a 12-step program?


Share Tweet Warning – today’s post may be hazardous to your health…food addicts beware! I had the pleasure of assisting Becky with a couple cooking classes when she made Grilled Spot Prawns with “Crack Salad” (pg 73) and the response was universal – total addiction!  As she says, EVERYONE loves this dish and even as [...]

Blender adventure yields delicious chilled soup


Share Tweet I do not like chilled, creamy soups. Nor do I like raw cucumbers.  Fussy one, I am… Having said that, Becky has totally converted me on both counts with her Chilled Cucumber-Coconut Soup with Dungeness Crab (pg 55).  It’s a medium-level difficulty (#3) but I found it fairly easy to pull together – [...]

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