Sardine dreams go up in smoke


Share Tweet With only three recipes left to make in Good Fish, I was expecting smooth sailing through the Labor Day weekend as I wrapped up my Sustainable Seafood in Summer voyage. But then came Smoked Sardines with Piquillo Pepper Sauce (pg 203), a #5 difficulty recipe.  And you better believe that ranking, because I [...]

Understudies steal the show in this recipe (warning: baseball analogies follow)


Share Tweet Understudy : A person who learns another’s role in order to be able to act as a replacement on short notice If you are a baseball fan, you know the story of Wally Pipp and Lou Gehrig…if not, indulge me for a moment.  Pipp was the starting first basemen for the NY Yankees in [...]

Rolling gnocchi, smoking fish and playing Scrabble


Share Tweet It only took me 61 recipes to find the most difficult dish in Becky Selengut’s “Good Fish” book, but it was well worth both the wait and the effort! I knew Smoked Halibut with Stinging Nettle Sauce and Nettle Gnocchi (pg 128) would be a tough one, not only because it’s the #5 [...]

Roasted romaine is ridiculously right


Share Tweet On a warm, beautiful summer night, one of the last things you probably expect to find when you open the lid of your backyard grill is a head of lettuce…am I right?? But then you would be missing a surprisingly delicious treat, as I found out when I assisted Becky when she taught [...]

This squid needs no heroic culinary intervention


Share Tweet I feel kind of cheated about the squid I’ve been served over the years, most of it arriving in a deep fried, sometimes greasy, but sometimes nicely seasoned and battered calamari form.  I had no idea how amazing the taste of pure, unadulterated squid was, and that it didn’t have be rubbery and [...]

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