Selengut’s sexy scallops are sensational


Share Tweet They say good things come to those who wait – and if you waited for the 74th recipe (of 75) I prepared from Good Fish, you are in for a great treat! Scallops with Tarragon Beurre Blanc (pg 93) is more suited for the spring, with its pea/asparagus/herb base, but of course I [...]

Four women and a stuffed trout go to a kd lang concert at the zoo…


Share Tweet Oh, there’s so much more fun I could have had with today’s headline, but I’ll leave for that my friends on Twitter/Facebook (hello @MarcSeattle!) But I did have a great time on my first attempt – and a successful one! – at deboning a whole trout for stuffing!  Thanks to Becky’s excellent how-to [...]

This squid needs no heroic culinary intervention


Share Tweet I feel kind of cheated about the squid I’ve been served over the years, most of it arriving in a deep fried, sometimes greasy, but sometimes nicely seasoned and battered calamari form.  I had no idea how amazing the taste of pure, unadulterated squid was, and that it didn’t have be rubbery and [...]

Pasta, prawns and puttanesca, oh my!


Share Tweet For all the pasta lovers out there, today is your day!  After all the seafood and veggies I’ve cooked over the past month, I know you’ve been longing for some good ol’ carbs – more than just the occasional hunk of bread you’ve been served so far. Weeknight Linguine with Spot Prawns and [...]

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