Don’t be frizzled by a dish’s photo – just cook it!


Share Tweet After writing 71 posts about Becky’s fabulous creations in the Good Fish book, it’s hard to keep coming up with creative new ways to describe these dishes.  Yes, I’m tired… So for today’s Black Cod with Toasted Almond Milk, Delicata Squash and Frizzled Leeks (pg 141), I’ve decided to let the master herself [...]

Easy as pie for this little tart


Share Tweet There are some foods I really love that I avoid making, because I cannot make them well…isn’t that why we have a thriving restaurant industry?? For example, I absolutely love pie, but making pie crust intimidates the hell out of me.  The very few times I’ve ever tried to make it, were the [...]

The slippery slope of stuffing squid


Share Tweet Before embarking on this project, I had never really thought about squid having a body. Of course it’s obvious they do have one, but mostly I had eaten squid in a nicely presented, cut up fashion such as fried calamari rings and tentacles. But today’s recipe Chorizo and Apple Stuffed Squid with Sherry [...]

Today, nape? No way


Share Tweet After 32 recipes tested and enjoyed, the time had finally come to try one of the #5 recipes in Good Fish, meaning the most difficult in its particular chapter.  Becky also describes these recipes as opportunities “for the adventurous and involved cook…who likes a challenge….with more advanced techniques.” Speaking of that last caveat, [...]

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