Four women and a stuffed trout go to a kd lang concert at the zoo…


Share Tweet Oh, there’s so much more fun I could have had with today’s headline, but I’ll leave for that my friends on Twitter/Facebook (hello @MarcSeattle!) But I did have a great time on my first attempt – and a successful one! – at deboning a whole trout for stuffing!  Thanks to Becky’s excellent how-to [...]

A fillet o’ fish and a frying pan


Share Tweet Count me among the lazy cooks who would prefer to buy a beautiful cleaned, filleted, ready-to-cook piece of fish.  I never really saw any reason to know how to fillet a whole fish – that’s for those crazy people that get up at 0-dark-thirty and go fishing out in the middle of nowhere. [...]

The one where I master the pasta machine


Share Tweet I thought I knew what a “balanced” dish was – until I made Emmer Pasta Con Le Sarde (pg 201) from Good Fish…this truly should be the little picture in the culinary dictionary next to that phrase! For those that only speak English (ha ha), today’s dish is simply pasta with sardines, and [...]

These mussels are heaven on a half shell


Share Tweet Just when I thought mussels really weren’t my thing, I discovered Mussels with Pancetta and Vermouth (pg 25).  This is heaven on a little half shell and a must-try the next time you need a snappy little hors d’oeuvre. After steaming the mussels open, you snap off one side of the shell and [...]

Clams and croutons – who knew?


Share Tweet I have to hand it to Becky – in the 40+ years I’ve been eating clams, it has never occurred to me to add bread to the equation as brilliantly as she does in Tomato-Bacon Clams with Croutons (pg 11). Wow, of course – croutons! Any good seafood eater knows you simply MUST [...]

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