This is shrimply one Thai-rific soup


Share Tweet This is another of Becky’s home run recipes, thanks to her month-long tour of Thailand and first-hand experience with the local cuisine.  It hits every single flavor profile – salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter – and my dinner guests, all veteran Thai food afficianados, said this was the best soup they had [...]

Mis en place so you don’t miss le partay


Share Tweet Today’s recipe really highlights the importance of “mise en place” which is simply having all your ingredients prepped before you begin cooking.  This is especially important if you are having guests for dinner and expect to actually visit with them instead of slaving over a hot wok! The prep and assembly of ingredients [...]

Quick conversion of a non-curry fan


Share Tweet Before taking on my project to cook every recipe in Good Fish, I was not a huge Thai food fan and curry was especially not high on my list.  But chef Becky Selengut is slowly winning me over with her delectable Thai influenced-dishes and today’s recipe has made me a curry convert! Halibut [...]

Time to try tasty Thai clams


Share Tweet Warning: if you’ve been stuck in a rut with your steamed clams recipes, today’s Tamarind and Ginger Clams recipe might throw you right off your rocker! I must admit that I typically steam clams in some combination of beer, garlic and lemon, and they always turn out great.  But Becky’s Thai-inspired take (pg. [...]

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