A heavenly cocktail on a cracker


Share Tweet One of the greatest things about cooking through Becky’s Good Fish book is that it causes me to stop and think more about how certain foods are created, and the variety of ways they can be enjoyed. For example, I never really gave much thought to how crackers were made – have you? [...]

Mis en place so you don’t miss le partay


Share Tweet Today’s recipe really highlights the importance of “mise en place” which is simply having all your ingredients prepped before you begin cooking.  This is especially important if you are having guests for dinner and expect to actually visit with them instead of slaving over a hot wok! The prep and assembly of ingredients [...]

Jamaica your friends happy with this healthy salmon feast


Share Tweet Pot, liquor and jerk – not typically words you’d find in your average recipe…but these three words are in one of the healthiest, prettiest recipes I’ve cooked in awhile! Jerk-Spiced Salmon with Coconut Pot Liquor and Sweet Potato Fries (pg 109) is a very complete and filling dish, and very good for you [...]

Quick conversion of a non-curry fan


Share Tweet Before taking on my project to cook every recipe in Good Fish, I was not a huge Thai food fan and curry was especially not high on my list.  But chef Becky Selengut is slowly winning me over with her delectable Thai influenced-dishes and today’s recipe has made me a curry convert! Halibut [...]

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