Soup-er symphony of summer flavors


Share Tweet Quick – what’s the one dish/food you’d take with you to a desert island? Do you pick your favorite food? Or one with lots of variety that you wouldn’t get bored with eating every single day? Or one with lots of nutritional value that would make you feel good – well, as good [...]

A tale of two salads – which one are you??

This is how a Nicoise Salad is "supposed" to look, right??

Share Tweet I took Becky’s headnote to Albacore Nicoise (pg 164) as a challenge: “It is a composed salad, meaning a dish where you can show your guests your personality type. Anal types will place each ingredient in efficient, color-coordinated piles, most likely not touching each other. Laissez-faire types will have everything piled randomly on [...]

No deep fryer for this succulent squid


Share Tweet If your experience with squid has been limited to the deep fried calamari variety, you are in for a treat with today’s recipe! I admit I haven’t sampled many squid dishes that weren’t fried and I was anxious to see what flavors a different preparation might reveal.  I chose the Squid with Chickpeas, [...]

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