Pseudo-Southern scallop dish delivers


Share Tweet Hey y’all, I have found the perfect recipe to make when my southerner uncle and cousin come to visit in August, combining fresh West Coast seafood with some of their Atlanta culinary favs – it shall be Scallops, Grits and Greens! This recipe (pg 86) is not only a play on shrimp and [...]

This squid needs no heroic culinary intervention


Share Tweet I feel kind of cheated about the squid I’ve been served over the years, most of it arriving in a deep fried, sometimes greasy, but sometimes nicely seasoned and battered calamari form.  I had no idea how amazing the taste of pure, unadulterated squid was, and that it didn’t have be rubbery and [...]

Some like it raw


Share Tweet No, there isn’t a sushi chapter in Good Fish, but tonight’s dish definitely was raw. And some of you will love it, and some of you will not (sorry Katy!) Scallop Crudo (pg 83) is rated as the easiest scallop dish, and since there isn’t any cooking involved, it really does come together [...]

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