Rolling gnocchi, smoking fish and playing Scrabble


Share Tweet It only took me 61 recipes to find the most difficult dish in Becky Selengut’s “Good Fish” book, but it was well worth both the wait and the effort! I knew Smoked Halibut with Stinging Nettle Sauce and Nettle Gnocchi (pg 128) would be a tough one, not only because it’s the #5 [...]

The one where I master the pasta machine


Share Tweet I thought I knew what a “balanced” dish was – until I made Emmer Pasta Con Le Sarde (pg 201) from Good Fish…this truly should be the little picture in the culinary dictionary next to that phrase! For those that only speak English (ha ha), today’s dish is simply pasta with sardines, and [...]

My maiden voyage at making homemade pasta


Share Tweet It might be hard to believe, but I have never made pasta from scratch. I know many assume that my six-year career as a personal chef, and my lifelong hobby of cooking, would surely have required hauling out the little metal machine and cranking out some fresh noodles every now and then.  But [...]

Crabby pasta is a crowd pleaser


Share Tweet You’re having a party and want to make something from Good Fish.  It must not only feed a crowd but be something you can make ahead of time so you can enjoy your company once they arrive.  I have just the dish for you! The Dungeness Crab Mac and  Cheese (pg 59) is [...]

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