At last…my arctic char has come along


Share Tweet I had given up on finding any Arctic Char locally before the end of this project, but a mere week away from the finish line, there it was! I will say that I had to endure a parking ticket (dumb mistake on my part) and another Three Stooges conversation with a fishmonger (“what [...]

A black cod beauty from the mentor


Share Tweet One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle is Poppy, so I was excited to see that owner/Chef Jerry Traunfeld gave in to Becky’s “begging” to contribute a recipe to Good Fish.   After all, he has had significant influence on Becky as a chef, including their three years together at The Herbfarm, and [...]

Getting crabby about fruit in my seafood


Share Tweet I don’t know why, but I feel slightly guilty whenever I’m not a huge fan of one of Becky’s recipes in Good Fish.  Just considering the odds, there’s bound to be several of the 75 recipes that just won’t be my cup of chowder (so to speak), right?  And I will add that [...]

Steaming up a simple salmon supper


Share Tweet There are very few restaurants that truly follow the 100% sustainable seafood route, and we are lucky in Seattle to have one of those special places in Mashiko, owned by the colorful Hajime Sato…colorful as can be with a website called Sushi Whore! Not only was Mashiko the first sushi restaurant in the world [...]

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