Rolling gnocchi, smoking fish and playing Scrabble


Share Tweet It only took me 61 recipes to find the most difficult dish in Becky Selengut’s “Good Fish” book, but it was well worth both the wait and the effort! I knew Smoked Halibut with Stinging Nettle Sauce and Nettle Gnocchi (pg 128) would be a tough one, not only because it’s the #5 [...]

Fishing for a new Sunday dinner tradition?


Share Tweet Are you one of those families that had a traditional Sunday dinner, such as a roasted whole chicken or pot roast?  There were always great veggies and gravy and…fill in the blank for your particular family favorites. But have you ever thought of a Sunday dinner that featured a beautiful fish, providing a [...]

How not to poach an egg – but still get great hash


Share Tweet Did you ever do something so dumb that you swore you’d never tell anyone, for fear of dying of embarassment? Okay, so maybe it’s just me…and let me clarify, I meant dumb things in the kitchen! One of the key steps in creating Paddlefish Caviar Hash (pg 226) is poaching a few eggs [...]

Sharing the roe with book club


Share Tweet As you might imagine, after a month of eating seafood everyday, there are times I have difficulty getting excited to make (and then eat!) a dish. This is especially true when the featured ingredient is one I’m not too familiar with. So with my “foodcentric” book club meeting on the docket last week, [...]

A tale of two salads – which one are you??

This is how a Nicoise Salad is "supposed" to look, right??

Share Tweet I took Becky’s headnote to Albacore Nicoise (pg 164) as a challenge: “It is a composed salad, meaning a dish where you can show your guests your personality type. Anal types will place each ingredient in efficient, color-coordinated piles, most likely not touching each other. Laissez-faire types will have everything piled randomly on [...]

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