Trout saves the day for missing arctic char


Share Tweet Alright, I finally give up!  I’m waiving the white flag over finding any Arctic Char in the greater Seattle area. In Good Fish, Becky explains that there was a 2009 landslide at one of the largest arctic char farms (Washington’s Cascade Aqua Farms) that affected the availability of local sourced arctic char, but [...]

I can’t believe it’s not eel!


Share Tweet Today you are in for a treat – a sustainable spin on sushi that is even more delicious than the original, and you can make it easily at home! And I’ll dare to say – faux-nagi is better than r-eel sushi, faux-sure! Becky adapted this recipe (slightly, she says) from Tataki in San [...]

Steaming up a simple salmon supper


Share Tweet There are very few restaurants that truly follow the 100% sustainable seafood route, and we are lucky in Seattle to have one of those special places in Mashiko, owned by the colorful Hajime Sato…colorful as can be with a website called Sushi Whore! Not only was Mashiko the first sushi restaurant in the world [...]

Quick conversion of a non-curry fan


Share Tweet Before taking on my project to cook every recipe in Good Fish, I was not a huge Thai food fan and curry was especially not high on my list.  But chef Becky Selengut is slowly winning me over with her delectable Thai influenced-dishes and today’s recipe has made me a curry convert! Halibut [...]

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