A black cod beauty from the mentor


Share Tweet One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle is Poppy, so I was excited to see that owner/Chef Jerry Traunfeld gave in to Becky’s “begging” to contribute a recipe to Good Fish.   After all, he has had significant influence on Becky as a chef, including their three years together at The Herbfarm, and [...]

Mis en place so you don’t miss le partay


Share Tweet Today’s recipe really highlights the importance of “mise en place” which is simply having all your ingredients prepped before you begin cooking.  This is especially important if you are having guests for dinner and expect to actually visit with them instead of slaving over a hot wok! The prep and assembly of ingredients [...]

Trout saves the day for missing arctic char


Share Tweet Alright, I finally give up!  I’m waiving the white flag over finding any Arctic Char in the greater Seattle area. In Good Fish, Becky explains that there was a 2009 landslide at one of the largest arctic char farms (Washington’s Cascade Aqua Farms) that affected the availability of local sourced arctic char, but [...]

Does this recipe warrant a 12-step program?


Share Tweet Warning – today’s post may be hazardous to your health…food addicts beware! I had the pleasure of assisting Becky with a couple cooking classes when she made Grilled Spot Prawns with “Crack Salad” (pg 73) and the response was universal – total addiction!  As she says, EVERYONE loves this dish and even as [...]

Blender adventure yields delicious chilled soup


Share Tweet I do not like chilled, creamy soups. Nor do I like raw cucumbers.  Fussy one, I am… Having said that, Becky has totally converted me on both counts with her Chilled Cucumber-Coconut Soup with Dungeness Crab (pg 55).  It’s a medium-level difficulty (#3) but I found it fairly easy to pull together – [...]

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