This is shrimply one Thai-rific soup


Share Tweet This is another of Becky’s home run recipes, thanks to her month-long tour of Thailand and first-hand experience with the local cuisine.  It hits every single flavor profile – salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter – and my dinner guests, all veteran Thai food afficianados, said this was the best soup they had [...]

Blender adventure yields delicious chilled soup


Share Tweet I do not like chilled, creamy soups. Nor do I like raw cucumbers.  Fussy one, I am… Having said that, Becky has totally converted me on both counts with her Chilled Cucumber-Coconut Soup with Dungeness Crab (pg 55).  It’s a medium-level difficulty (#3) but I found it fairly easy to pull together – [...]

Oysters and Artichokes – yay or nay?


Share Tweet My guess is that you will be in one of two camps about today’s recipe, love it or leave it.  That’s because Oyster and Artichoke Soup (pg 37) is an intriguing combination of very distinct flavors that will likely thrill you or chill you. The easiest of the five recipes in the chapter, [...]

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